The Stratus Difference

Through careful planning and execution, Stratus Development Group has delivered above-market returns to its investors since its inception. Vertically integrated in its operation, Stratus offers a comprehensive set of services to maintain quality control, lower costs, and ensure timely project completion. 
With over thirty years of combined experience, SDG has handled over 2000 units of multifamily redevelopment and development.

Capabilities: Able to offer a full spectrum of services to complement the development process to both increase efficiencies and lower costs including: in-house marketing, brokerage, construction management, property management, accounting, and design.

Track-Record: Stratus has a history of doing the “right” projects, not the “most” projects and the success of our previous work is a testament to this mindset

Returns: Through careful cost management and thoughtful site selection, Stratus has achieved returns for investors that far surpass our competition

Community Impact: Stratus has been instrumental in changing communities for the better by transforming long vacant lots, blighted areas, or parcels impacted by environmental issues, into productive communities that mesh well with the fabric of the surrounding areas

Our team can facilitate all phases of the development process, including fundraising, designing, operations, construction, leasing and marketing, and final brokerage of the asset.

Learn more about the of work Stratus Development on our portfolio page, or contact our team for more detail information on our projects and services.

Do Good. For Everyone.